The farm and the animals of our farmhouse in Mugello

The animals and the educational farm for children and school groups

The educational farm and the animals of the Farmhouse Palazzo Vecchio

The company carries out the activity of an "educational farm" with passion, welcoming school groups of all ages, summer camps or simply groups of families who want to spend a day among nature and animals and get closer to this wonderful world.

The educational farm aims to make the visitors present understand the "milk path" that is from when a calf is born until it begins to produce milk.
The visit lasts about an hour and a half: we dive into the world of milk, to see its production, the routine of the cows that produce it, what they eat to do it and above all the life of a cow, from when it was born to when milk production begins.

Visitors are taken to the stable where more than 170 Italian Friesian cattle lodge: you can see them and touch them with your hand, hear their mooing and above all understand how they make milk: entering the milking parlor you will be able to witness the milking of a cow, with detailed explanation of the necessary steps.
Afterwards, the children will be able to see and pet the other animals on the farm as well.

After the morning visit, it is possible to stay in our restaurant to eat typical Mugello dishes, made with the company's products, while we provide schoolchildren with a large indoor space, equipped with tables and benches for carrying out the meal that can be in bag or produced by us.

The other workshop carried out by our company allows children to see and explain how cheese is made.

Even children will be encouraged to shape the curd into a cheese wheel!

We specify that this last path is only for demonstration purposes, therefore there will be no tastings or the possibility of taking away the final product but, if you are hungry, there is the possibility, by booking it by phone, to organize buffets or snacks-dinner with our company products.

Our educational path is also suitable for the disabled: the company is in fact equipped with bathrooms in accordance with the law and has no architectural barriers. Our Educational Farm is open to everyone from April 1st to October 31st.

Visits take place by appointment.
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Photos of the educational farm for children and schools in Mugello:

Photos of the animals on our farm:
Location of the Palazzo Vecchio Farmhouse and map

Located in a central area of the green Mugello valley, in Tuscany

The Farmhouse Palazzo Vecchio enjoys excellent tranquility, even though it is relatively close to Borgo San Lorenzo.

Our guests can enjoy a quiet, relaxing holiday, without having to give up the most beautiful cities of art: Florence (about 30 km) can be reached in just over half an hour by car and the train (station in Borgo San Lorenzo) leads directly to the historic center of the city.
In addition to the city of Florence, you can visit other artistic and cultural destinations such as Siena, Pisa and Lucca.